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Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks With Baking Soda

Since Ancient Egypt people have been using baking soda for a number of reasons, to promote their health and beauty and for many other things. Now we’re aware that baking soda can be used for almost anything, from cooking to cleaning and a number of health problems and this article will reveal 15 of the best uses for this amazing kitchen ingredient.

Start using baking soda today in all corners of the house and for personal hygiene too. You can use it also for cosmetic purposes. For instance, for your skin and hair, for struggling with stretch marks and for whitening the teeth.

Here are all the methods of its usage:

1. Natural deodorant
If like many others you are worried about heavy metals and chemicals in your deodorant, baking soda is the perfect natural deodorant.

2. Insect Bites
Itchy insect bites can ruin your summer, apply a paste of baking soda mixed with water onto insect bites to make the itching stop.

3. Heartburn
Baking soda is a natural way to combat heartburn after a heavy meal.

4. Scrub
Baking soda can be used on area of the skin as a natural scrub. It will remove dead layers of skin leaving your skin looking dewy and brand new.

5. Hair
When applied to hair it will give a shiny, salon-looking finish.

6. Stretch marks
It can be used on areas of skin with stretch marks to reduce the overall appearance.

7. Bad breath
Baking soda can reduce the symptoms associated with bad breath, and leave your mouth feeling fresher.

8. Rough skin
The appearance of bumpy skin can be reduced with a scrub from baking soda.

9. Stains
Baking soda will remove even tough stains on clothes.

10. Fridge smell
A bowl of baking soda placed in the fridge will remove any bad smells.

11. Jewelry
Place your jewelry in a baking soda and water mixture to return them to their original shine.

12. Abscesses
The pain and swelling of an abscess can be reduced with baking soda.

13. Sunburn
Painful sunburn can be soothed by applying baking soda mixture to the skin overnight.

14. Peas and beans softener
Soften vegetables for cooking in a pan of baking soda and water.

15. White teeth
Add a dash of baking soda to your toothpaste to whiten teeth.

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