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How To Calm A Crying Baby In Just A Few Seconds!

Every parent knows that dealing with a crying baby can sometimes be really difficult, especially if you are new to parenting.

A crying baby can disturb the peace in your home which can make you more stressed and tensed, but that is natural and part of being a parent. After the babies start wailing, they need some time before they calm down. Ask your parents they probably know the feeling!

Fortunately for you, a well-known pediatrician from California by the name of Dr. Robert Hamilton shared a very effective technique that will help you to calm your crying baby. The best thing about this technique is the fact that it works in just a couple of seconds!

This technique is referred to as the “hold”. Basically, it’s a way of holding the baby in a way that calms the baby. First what you need to do is pick up the baby and fold his arms across the chest, then place your left arm under the infant’s chin to secure the arm.

Here is the technique demonstrated by doctor Hamilton himself.

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