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5 Foods You Should Avoid After Age 30

Human beings live for food. To eat. To nourish themselves, and maintain a life filled with health and happiness. But, while it is necessary to eat to live, it is also of paramount importance that one realizes what one should eat and what one shouldn’t after a particular age when it would be unsuitable and probably fatal in the later stages.

After the age of 30, the body, which has reached its peak potential, slowly starts aging. At this stage, the bone density starts getting lighter and lighter, and the immune system starts decreasing leading to several problems. While that may be a slow, gradual process taking place after throughout the years as we live, it is evident that something like that would obviously be hastened by something we intake that we shouldn’t. What shouldn’t we intake post 30 then? Let’s see.

1.Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is good for someone’s health but taken into consideration. But flavored yogurts are a no-no, especially because they are flavored, and not organic. They speed up the decaying process and leads to several problems later on, including digestive issues, and skin wrinkles.

2.Canned Vegetables

Vegetables in cans aren’t fresh, despite your thinking of the same. The molecules present in the tin react badly with the vegetables leading them to rot easily, while the carbon dioxide inside slowly ferments the vegetables, leading them to have a bad taste and ill effects. They contain a lot of salt which leads to problems of the skin, and could also lead to cancer.


Don’t always party like it’s 1995 and you are 25. Sometimes, you gotta realize that your body might not be able to handle the amount of alcohol present that would lead to major cardiovascular problems later on, of which the least would be a blinding hangover the next day.


Damn! Less movie time now, certainly? Popcorn isn’t harmful, but the way they make it, that definitely is. Also, the salt, the sugar, the caramel, and the cheese. Not exactly good for your health after a certain age, is it?

5.Diet Coke

They might claim to not have any sugar in them, but they do. Lots and lots. Coke Zero or the latest amongst them in the market has a lot of calories in them that are harmful, and in no sense or meaning of the word are they dietary, or helpful.

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