Each Of Your Fingers Is Connected To 2 Organs – This Ancient Japanese Method Will Help You Cure Them In 5 Minutes – Slim And Fit

Each Of Your Fingers Is Connected To 2 Organs – This Ancient Japanese Method Will Help You Cure Them In 5 Minutes

Accordant to the Japanese culture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, tension is generally the underlying cause from various symptoms in the body. “Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. As one or more of these paths become blocked, these damming up effect may lead to discomfort or level pain.”

One of the available methods to relieve these tension and free up the energy pathways are by stimulating the fingers that is severally connected to them. Every finger is connected to a pathway that serves several purposes.

These means that each finger represents organs, emotions, symptoms, and conditions that may occur in our body. By stimulating the appropriate finger, you can affect several states that may be occurring to you, both physically and psychologically.

These effective 5 minutes curing treatment offers amazing benefits in the case of numerous ailments, and here is how it works:

All you need to do is hold your finger for five minutes, breathe deeply in and out, after which you need to massage the fingers on both hands. The whole process takes very little time, and the effects can aid you in overcoming various health issues.

What You Have To Do

5. The Pinkie
Organisms: heart and Small Intestine
Symptoms: a sore throat, calms nerves, brings laughter
Emotions: pretense, insecurity, nervous, confused, mortality

4. The Ring Finger
Organisms: lungs and large intestine
Symptoms: breathing and letting go
Emotions: negativity, mucus-forming, lack of common sense

3. The Middle Finger
Organisms: gallbladder and liver
Symptoms: fatigue, eye strain, dry cough
Emotions: cowardly, irritable, indecisive, unstable, not alert, emotional

2. The Index Finger
Organisms: Bladder and kidneys
Symptoms: Back pain and toothache
Emotions: fear, shyness, confusion, depression, perfectionism, criticism, frustration.

1. The Thumb
Organisms: stomach and spleen
Symptoms: digestive problems and headaches
Emotions: anxiety, depression, hate, obsession, anxiety, and self-protection

Next time you experience any of these symptoms, try this 5-minute method, and you’ll be amazed by it is positive effects.

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