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Common Signs And Symptoms Of A Heart Attack That Appear A Month Before!

Sadly, heart attacks are one of the most common medical conditions in the United States. First of all, you should start leading a healthy lifestyle and following a healthy and balanced diet rich in raw, organic fruits and vegetables.


Also, you should try to reduce your stress levels by doing certain activities, like walking in the countryside, reading a lovely book, practicing yoga and meditation, etc.

In this article, we are going to talk about the symptoms of this very common health issue and how to recognize them and take precautions.


1.Extreme fatigue

One early sign of a heart attack is extreme fatigue. Of course, fatigue is a normal feeling after engaging in physical activities or experiencing a long day. However, if you are constantly feeling fatigued and tired, you may need to schedule a check-up with your doctor to monitor the health of your heart.


2.Shortness of breath

You can experience breath shortness in case you have arterial narrowing. There is poor blood flow in the body and the lungs cannot receive the needed blood flow to function adequately. Considering the fact that heart and lungs always function together, in case one of them works improperly, then it will negatively affect the other. So, you will experience breath shortness.


3.Pressure and Pain in the Chest

Chest pain or pressure is definitely one of the main indicators of a heart attack. Specifically, heart attack survivors describe this sign as a feeling of chest pressure, pain or discomfort that gradually increases. They also explain that the pain could be also felt in other body parts, including the arms, back, and shoulders. If you experience this sign, a heart attack is about to occur in the near future.


4.Sleep disturbances

Another warning sign of a heart attack is a disturbance in your sleep habits. Your subconscious mind may be telling you that something is wrong. You may wake frequently, need to use the bathroom frequently during the night, or experience extreme thirst during the night. If you do not have a logical explanation for these sleep disturbances, see your doctor.


5.Increased anxiety

See your physician if you experienced increased levels of anxiety that do not have an explanation.



Another early warning sign of a heart attack is indigestion. It is not normal to always have a growling stomach. However, certain spicy and irritating foods can normally cause indigestion.

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